The Happy Mum - Glow with Confidence. A self improvement coaching service - Just for mums!

Personal life coaching... just for mums! 

Being a mum is amazing yet often unexpectedly changes your game plan. The Happy Mum™ works with you to put together a new master plan. We offer exclusive one to one coaching that allows you to take some time away from it all to breathe, talk, share your thoughts and feelings, and get your head together! This is NOT counselling. It's a service you can access that will help you feel more in control, inspired and pro-active to make changes in any area of your life. Maybe you're a mum returning to work, a mum suffering from 'empty nest' syndrome and you're 'children' are in their 20's, or a stay at home mum looking for clarity, or a new focus. 

We also work with ladies who are not mums and our clients range from 16 to 70 years old - so please, tell our friends about us. Our business has grown from word of mouth!
Let us help you get the balance just right. We are your 'manicure....for the mind' You will leave our sessions together feeling polished, invigorated and pampered.

Is coaching for you?

Do you feel you never have enough time?
Would you like to be able to prioritize areas of your life?
Would you like to feel more focused/know exactly what you're aiming for?
Would you like to be free from anxiety and stress and more confident?

.....all whilst being a busy mum?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions then yes, it's for you. Take us up on our free offer....what could you possibly lose?  


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